Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Japan car manufacturer build network of electric cars

electric cars
future motor cars provide Japan car manufacturer build network of electric cars. Electric cars to be focused in order to create a future trend in the automotive industry. However, as in most other countries, technology support facilities is somewhat still quite difficult, as is also the case in Japan.

Japan car manufacturer build network of electric cars
Reported Leftlanenews, to alleviate the problem somewhat four giant Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi agreed to mark the construction of fueling stations network of electric cars.

Actually, the Japanese government will provide subsidies to organizations and entrepreneurs who want to build fueling stations for electric cars. But the automaker's fourth will help cover certain costs for the construction of refueling an electric car that is not covered by the government.

Priority will be given to areas frequented by tourists such as area tolls, lodging, shops, and gas stations. Financial assistance will be given up to USD17 thousand for the cost of installation as well as additional costs for maintenance costs and power usage.

Collaboration is arguably very rare, because very rarely four major automotive manufacturers that note rival each other turned into colleagues on this issue. However, with this cooperation will certainly affect the sales of their electric cars that will be skyrocketing.